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About Me

Thank you for taking the time to care for yourself, I know that the journey can takes it toll and I know that the value of friendship in moments of hardship can be the biggest gift of all. 

Let me share a little of my own imperfect life....

For the last 30 something years, I’ve been a business woman, wife, mother, athlete. Married an amazing man, created a beautiful family together, bought a farm, built a thriving business. My marriage of  20 years ended five years ago and managing my children living in two different households, was tougher than I expected, working full time and building a new career. Pushing very hard to keep everyone happy and doing my best to keep it all together as best I could. 

Looking back I could see that stress was taking it's toll but at the time I thought  that my superhuman efforts multi tasking a thousand different things was a life skill to be admired. I was secretly proud of how much I crammed into my life and my skill extended to my career, my family, even my divorce. The problem solver, everyone turned to me to get sh*t done!  ( your classic overachiever). Every night exhausted, trying to manage recreating my life and doing it all by myself. I didn't have a plan. I was just getting by every day, hoping for the best. 

And then catastrophe... heartbreaking news  of a car accident and that the man I'd loved for half of my life was gone in a moment. The words "it could have been even worse" run deep here and the gift of having my boy with us is a blessing never denied. Now deep sadness added to compound the stress I was trying to work though and was a constant companion. Allowing my mind to slow down was almost impossible.


Sleep eluded me too. We need to slow down and listen to our bodies ( I thought I was superhuman)... I was too stubborn to take notice and then when I had no choice and burnout put me on my ass, I started over, and this time I needed to start over and learn how to forgive, overcome deep guilt and let go of trying to do it all.  Doing too much until I could do no more. 


The realisation that we all have a choice on how life can be, but very few of us choose to live an intentional life.  

In the words of your flight attendant… please put your life jacket on before helping others. ( words to live by!) 

Mastering my mind, building a plan for my life, supporting my kids  and building a network of women to surround myself with was now priority number 1!


 Grief followed for a very long time,  but along with it came profound compassion and  awareness on how I wanted to live and this gift is one that I wouldn't waste. 


Time for quiet moments, stillness, sunshine against my face, the smell of the ocean, the feeling of happiness again. Small wins adding up and beginning to create and curate my new life. Starting over was never more true. Finding balance again and finding peace. It's not a word I used a lot before, but it's become the most fought for commodity in life. Happiness and peace. 

I started down this road for myself and turning my life around. Professional Coaching and my three years of study ( yes, still an overachiever) ... gave me the skills to delve deeply into how we take on too much, do too much and how we can start to honour ourselves more.  We all need to take care of ourselves first, and I was able to find my gift for sharing what I had learnt with other women who were facing life changing moments in their lives too.  It could be breakups or breakdowns. compassion and deep connection. Someone to walk alongside while we build a better life.  A life to be proud of. 

I went from too much to slow down. 

From too much chatter to listening deeply. 

I began working from the inside out rather than the outside in. 

I started to really listen. 

Life is short, very… very… short in the whole scheme of things. 

But, I’m really thankful my experience with Burnout reminded me of the value of time and finding how to balance it with the experiences and people that really mean something to us.


I’d love to walk alongside you by connecting both online or here with me in Adelaide. We have an amazing network of women who meet together too in a social setting once a month. All helping each other to  building a strong support base for women just like you .


You don't have to go it alone.