Midlife Manifesto

Struggling to get ahead, get happy and get ahead?

90 days for you and your way forward.


Have you ever written your master manifesto for your next 90 days, 1 year, 5 years and beyond? 

( be honest here!!) 


How is your relationship with your money, your health and yourself? 

When your life isn't aligned with  what you value most then your life isn't working for you anymore. 

Would you love a life that takes you in the direction you want to head to?

Time to get back in touch with what's most important , 

what you've lost and dig deep to all aspects of your life to make a life

uniquely yours so that you are happy and fulfilled. 

That's where the magic is!

One on One Coaching sessions are included throughout the series 

 to support you in planning your next year, and beyond.  

Take your life where you want it to go 

with your own plan on how to be truly free. 

Receive all the tools you need when you invest in yourself . 


Access to our VIP members area  with your own unique plan

designed specifically for you. 

Smashing the Cinderella syndrome 

Happiness and freedom is in you now. 

Let's build the plan and let go of the BS. 

Tips and tools to take you over THE NEXT 90 DAYS and into a new you. 

Also weekly or fortnightly individual coaching sessions via Zoom 

curated to serve you with your on manifesto

to create an extraordinary life. 

This offer is limited and once full will be wait listed. 

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